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The Times of India recently reported that the number of mHealth apps available in the Google Play store in India exceeded 670 by the year 2022. It's impressive, but the global figure is even more staggering – over 350,000! With no end in sight to its growth, it's clear that people around the world have become increasingly health-conscious and are using various apps to maintain their well-being. From fitness and diet apps to pharmacy apps and more, these apps make it easy and convenient for users to access medical services and monitor their health.

We are a leading healthcare app development company in Chennai. We specialize in creating top-notch healthcare apps for various healthcare facilities. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping healthcare facilities take their service to the next level through innovative and user-friendly apps. With years of experience in the industry, we have successfully created healthcare apps that cater to the specific needs of healthcare facilities and their patients.

Healthcare App Development Services We Offer

Telemedicine App

The telemedicine app we developed facilitates remote consultations, allowing patients to connect with healthcare professionals from the comfort of their homes. It comes with features such as video calls, secure messaging, and appointment scheduling, enhancing accessibility to medical advice.

Health and Wellness App

Many individuals strive to maintain their health. We can assist you in creating a health and wellness application that includes features such as fitness tracking, nutritional guidance, and mental health support. This type of application can help individuals monitor their progress.

Medication Management App

Have you ever thought about having an app that can help your patients take their medication on time? We can create such apps that assist users in keeping track of their medications, dosage schedules, and possible interactions.

Appointment Scheduling App

Our appointment scheduling apps simplify the tedious process of booking, rescheduling, or canceling appointments, resulting in fewer no-shows and optimized clinic workflows for healthcare facilities and patients.

Remote Monitoring App

We use IoT devices and wearables to remotely monitor vital signs with an app. This is especially valuable for those with chronic conditions and enables healthcare providers to intervene proactively based on health metrics.

Mental Health App

We can help you in creating mental health apps that offer a variety of services like mood tracking, meditation, and counseling. These apps can help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and provide users with accessible resources to manage stress, anxiety, and depression.

Our Various Healthcare App Development Solutions!

Healthcare app development solutions are designed with the primary focus on providing a seamless experience to patients. However, healthcare facilities and pharmacies encounter numerous challenges while implementing these solutions due to their complex nature and the sensitive nature of medical data.

At Absolute App Labs, our mission is to alleviate the challenges faced by healthcare facilities and pharmacies. As a reputable healthcare app development company in Chennai, we have a team of highly skilled developers who specialize in creating customized apps to address specific needs and improve operational efficiency.

Solutions We Offer For Healthcare Facilities

We specialize in creating custom apps that streamline healthcare services and enable facilities to provide comprehensive care.

Appointment Scheduling

Staff Scheduling

Inventory Management

Billing And Revenue Management

Telemedicine And Virtual Consultation

Solutions We Offer For Pharmacies

Our team has the expertise to develop tailored applications that can provide invaluable assistance to pharmacies and in their daily operations.

Prescription Management

Mobile Ordering And Delivery

Inventory Management

Medication Price Comparing

Patient Health Record Integration

Solutions We Offer For Laboratories

Laboratories also play a crucial role in getting patients the medical attention they require. We can help laboratories by creating an app that helps them in providing speedy results to patients and healthcare facilities.

Test Result Notification

Appointment Scheduling And Sample Collection

Specimen Tracking

Laboratory Equipment Maintenance

Laboratory Analytics

Want To Create A Secure And Efficient Healthcare App For Your Patients? Leave it to Us!

At Absolute App Labs we have experience in creating such apps. Be it for your healthcare facility or your patients, we can create an app that suits all your needs!

Our Healthcare Mobile App Development Process


Discussions are where ideas are born! Our consultation service helps us understand your needs and how we can use our expertise to assist you. This allows us to create a clear plan for your healthcare app.


The next step is to select the design for your app. The mHealth app's design should be simple and easy for patient navigation. Our UI/UX designers ensure that they create your app design with you and your patients in mind.


The next step is to combine the ideas and designs and build the app. We adhere to medical regulations during the app creation process. Our developers will create both front-end and back-end features that are essential in this phase.


Once the development is completed, it's time to test the app. Our QA team will check each feature carefully so that your app functions properly. This phase allows us to eliminate errors and bugs in the app.

Beta Version

To ensure your app is user-friendly, we'll create a beta version. If your customers encounter any issues or dislike any feature, we'll improve it to ensure patient satisfaction.


The next crucial step is to launch it to the world. Our team will handle the publishing process and ensure that your app is available on prominent platforms such as the Apple Store and Google Play Store, as well as other relevant platforms.

Healthcare App Development Compliance

Whenever we create an app, we make sure that it follows the essential regulatory compliances making sure it follows the government rules and is safe for healthcare facilities and businesses to use.

Information Technology Act, 2000

The healthcare apps we develop comply with the Information Technology Act, which guarantees the legal validity of electronic health records and transactions.

Personal Data Protection Bill (PDPB), 2019

The apps we develop comply with the provisions of PDPB. We obtain user consent for data processing, implement data protection measures, and ensure the secure storage and transmission of sensitive health information.

Healthcare Standards

The apps we develop comply with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Bill. We obtain explicit user consent for data processing, implement data protection measures, and ensure the secure storage and transmission of sensitive health information.

Clinical Establishment (Registration and Regulation) Act, 2010

Our healthcare apps providing clinical services comply with the guidelines set forth in the Clinical Establishment Act for registration and operation.

Medical Council of India (MCI) Guidelines

Our telemedicine app services follow the MCI guidelines, including obtaining valid consent, maintaining patient confidentiality, and adhering to professional standards.

Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)

Our healthcare apps involved in research activities adhere to the ethical guidelines set by ICMR to ensure the integrity and ethical conduct of research studies.

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When it comes to healthcare app development services in Chennai, you want to choose a partner who is dedicated to delivering nothing but the best. Absolute App Labs is the perfect choice, with a strong focus on excellence and innovation. Our team of experts is committed to creating user-centric designs that are easy to use and highly functional. Whether you need an app for your facility or your patients, we can help you create a solution that meets your unique needs and exceeds your expectations.

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What is healthcare app development?

Healthcare app development involves creating applications for mobile devices or computers to improve healthcare delivery, patient engagement, and access to medical information.

How can healthcare app development services ensure data security and privacy?

Our Healthcare app development services in Chennai, ensure data security and privacy through encryption, secure authentication, regular audits, and compliance with healthcare regulations like the Information Technology Act, (2000), Medical Council of India (MCI) Guidelines, etc.

What types of healthcare apps are there?

Various types of healthcare apps can be created according to your healthcare facility or patient needs. At Absolute App Labs, we have the experience to create any type of app that can assist you in your service.

What features and functionalities can be included in Your healthcare apps?

According to your needs, we can include features like appointment scheduling, video consultations, symptom tracking, medication reminders, EHR access, health monitoring, and integration with mobiles and wearables for a comprehensive user experience.

How much does it cost to develop a Healthcare App?

The cost of developing a healthcare app varies according to the app's features, the technology used, the complexity of the app, and much more. To develop a healthcare app the cost may range from $50,000 to $100,000, it may go higher according to the app's features.

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