Top 10 Healthcare App Development Companies In Chennai

The growth in modern technology has proven to be the ultimate solution for numerous problems that we face today. The healthcare industry is no exception to this transformation as it has also witnessed a significant shift in the way it operates. With the emergence of automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and other advanced technologies, the healthcare sector is undergoing a revolution. This technology has given rise to a new trend of creating healthcare apps that enable patients to effortlessly access their medical requirements. These apps have become an essential tool in the healthcare domain, making it easier for people to receive the necessary medical care they need.

The healthcare industry is one of the most significant fields that touch people's lives. Developing an app for this sector involves handling confidential patient data and numerous other sensitive information. Therefore, creating a healthcare app that functions seamlessly and securely requires a high level of skill and expertise. If you're considering developing a healthcare app, it's essential to partner with a reputable healthcare app development company in Chennai that has a track record of delivering excellent results.

Looking for a reliable healthcare app development company can be a daunting task. However, we have got you covered. Our blog features a list of the top healthcare app development companies in this field, each with a unique set of skills and expertise. Connect with them to make your healthcare app.

1. Absolute App Labs

Absolute App Labs has secured the leading position in the market by developing healthcare apps for numerous healthcare facilities and clients across the globe. They are dedicated to assisting small to medium-sized businesses and offering their services to help them grow. Their proficiency in technology allows them to create apps with distinctive features. If you are searching for a reliable healthcare app development company in Chennai, Absolute App Labs can be the perfect choice for you.

Founded In: 2021

Services Offered: Healthcare App Development, Telemedicine Application, App solutions for healthcare facilities, mHealth App, Prescription management, Order inventory, Laboratory maintenance, Laboratory analytics, and much more.

2. IStudio Technologies

Istudio Technologies is a leading player in the field of healthcare app development. Their goal is to design and develop robust and secure applications that not only safeguard the confidentiality of patient data but also potentially save lives. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative ideas, they assist healthcare professionals in providing prompt and efficient care to their patients. With their advanced healthcare applications, they enable practitioners to manage billing, appointments, and queues effortlessly, while also maintaining an optimal patient-to-physician ratio for improved healthcare outcomes.

Founded In: 2008

Services Offered: EHR and EMR applications, Personalised telehealth, Remote monitoring app, Health information exchange (HIE) apps, Medicine ordering applications, Hospital wayfinding applications, and much more.

3. Contus Tech

Contus Tech provides top personalized healthcare app platforms and solutions that cater to the unique needs of healthcare professionals, patients, health-conscious consumers, and all intermediaries like pharmacists and hospital administrators. With a deep understanding of the evolving mHealth app, Contus Tech possesses the requisite skills and experience to design, develop, and implement cutting-edge mHealth solutions that drive better healthcare outcomes and improve patient care.

Founded In: 2008

Services Offered: Custom Healthcare Software development, custom mHealth app development, Electronic Health Record software, Telemedicine App Development, Pharmacy management system, and much more.

4.Team Tweaks

Team Tweaks provides innovative solutions and top-notch services in the healthcare industry. They specialize in delivering cutting-edge technology to pharmaceutical companies dedicated to offering the highest level of care to their customers. With its vast experience in multiple technologies and diverse industries, Team Tweaks has helped its clients make significant advancements in their respective fields.

Founded In: 2013

Services Offered: Patient engagement solutions, Telemedicine software development, EMR EHR software, Mobile Health, Medical Billing, and Hospital management software.

5. Pyramidion

Pyramidion’s primary focus is to enhance patient care, from the hospital to home. They offer top-notch healthcare IT solutions to businesses that seek their assistance. Hidden Brains Infotech aims to improve efficiencies and advance the quality of care, with a primary focus on innovating for the future. They provide end-to-end application development to drive transformation initiatives that connect medical providers to patient records, caregivers to colleagues, and patients to practitioners for better care.

Founded In: 2013

Services Offered: Hospital Management Systems, Telemedicine solutions, Chiro practice solutions, Laboratory solutions, Pharmacy solutions, Clinical communication systems, Food& Diet plan solutions.

6.Hakuna Matata Solutions

Hakuna Matata Solutions is another reputed healthcare app development company that has carved a niche for itself in the healthcare industry. With a focus on empowering healthcare providers, their mobile applications are designed to be secure, user-friendly, and scalable. Their mission is to revolutionize the healthcare industry by promoting positive healthcare outcomes and bridging the gap between technology and healthcare through mobile apps. Hakuna Matata Solutions is committed to delivering innovative solutions that have a positive impact on the healthcare industry.

Founded In: 2006

Services Offered: mHealth App, Telemedicine App, EHealth app, EHR mobile app, Pharmacy app, medical billing app, wearable healthcare app, Health monitoring app and much more.

7. Smarther Technologies

Smarther Technologies is another company that specializes in healthcare app development. Their team of developers excels in creating secure, scalable, and feature-rich healthcare apps that comply with industry regulations and standards. From appointment scheduling apps to remote patient monitoring solutions, Smarther Technologies delivers innovative healthcare solutions that meet the needs of clients and end-users alike.

Founded In: 2011

Service Offered: Healthcare App development, Medical staff app development, Clinics App, mHealth App, Healthcare App UI/UX design, and much more.

8.Colan Infotech

Colan Infotech aims to help healthcare providers improve their customer service with the use of technology. Their customer-centric, agile, and unique solutions simplify the process of connecting patients with the right doctors and medical facilities, providing convenience and ease. With their help, healthcare businesses can promote the health and connectivity of each individual while adapting to their individual needs. From web and mobile apps to cloud, wearables, and IoT, Colan Infotech has experience with all trending technologies in the industry, making them one of the best options for healthcare providers.

Founded In: 2003

Services Offered: Healthcare software development, Healthcare app development consulting, mHealthApp development, Inventory management.


MacAppStudio is one of the most trusted software development agencies when it comes to building an application for the health industry. With years of experience in the industry, Mac AppStudio has gained a reputation for being one of the most trusted agencies when it comes to building applications for the healthcare sector. From designing the most intuitive and user-friendly UI/UX to developing the entire back-end system, they have all the necessary expertise to deliver the perfect healthcare mobility solution for your unique business needs.

Founded In: 2011

Services Offered: Custom healthcare software development, mHealth app development, Healthcare software integration, Healthcare IT consulting, Medical device integration, HIPPA-compliant healthcare app development.


MavinApps has gained its spot at the top by providing value-driven solutions tailored to their clients’ needs. With a wealth of experience in the healthcare industry, their team of experts is dedicated to leveraging the latest and most innovative technologies, including AI, IoT, and blockchain, to develop cutting-edge healthcare apps designed to improve patient outcomes and streamline clinical workflows. By combining their deep knowledge of the healthcare domain with their expertise in emerging technologies, MavinApps delivers solutions that are both effective and efficient, enabling healthcare providers to provide the highest quality care to their patients.

Founded In: 2011

Services Offered: Healthcare software development, Pharmacy software development, Hospital management, Hospital RCM software solution, Appointment booking app, Medical Inventory software and much more.

Wrapping It Up,

The healthcare industry has undergone a significant transformation thanks to the advancement of modern technology. This has led to the development of innovative solutions to address various challenges faced by healthcare providers. Our blog has compiled a list of the top healthcare app development companies in Chennai, each offering unique services tailored to meet the diverse needs of clients in the healthcare sector.

By partnering with these leading healthcare app development companies, healthcare providers and businesses can leverage technology to enhance patient care, optimize operations, and achieve positive healthcare outcomes. Therefore, if you're considering developing a healthcare app, these trusted partners can help bring your vision to life and have a meaningful impact in the healthcare industry.